Young Reika Kitami

Alternate (Young) Reika Kitami is a pure, sexy, virginal transfer student. this version of her where she was never deal with Satan. The original Reika Kitami is still Evil.

Name: Reika Kitami
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Abilities: Light Spell
First Appearance: Bible Black: Origins (Good to Evil),Ultimate war Brawl (Good)


Original Young Reika Kitami

Young Reika from BB origins

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The pure, sexy, virginal transfer student. Nami takes a liking to her immediately, even going as far as to sexually assault her on many occasions after school. After a humiliated Reika rejects Nami's sexual advances, Nami, who has never been rejected by anyone, becomes angry, and after becoming the club's new leader, plans to use Reika as a virgin sacrifice in order to open the Gates of Hell. Nami first kills a puppy Reika had befriended as a sacrifice, and then allows a group of thugs to sodomize her (keeping her virginity intact) while they prepare for the ritual. However, the thugs eventually ignore Nami's command that they only engage in anal intercourse with Reika, and thus take her virginity without Nami knowing. When the ritual is ready and Reika is stabbed by Nami with a sword multiple times, the Gates of Hell react, but because Reika was no longer a virgin, they do not open. Nami goes hysterical and demands that they need more blood to open the gates. In a fit of insanity, Nami brutally slaughters the rest of the club until the Gates finally start to open. As Nami begins chanting before the gates, Reika, severely injured but alive, gets up and stabs her repeatedly in the back until she falls to the ground, dead. Satan, seeing Reika, visibly frightened and slowly dying of blood loss, offers her a deal. He offers to let her live if she makes a contract with him, which she accepts.

The Awakening Geos of Light

After her death, Samuel revived her by his small energy lifes. When Samuel place the last Geos pieces, however, the original Reika Kitami throw the ground. When Reika was badly injured, Samuel, Jody and Young Reika place the last Geos pieces to summoning the legendary Geos Axel to blast Reika and wipe out her.

Alternate Young Reika Kitami

She sends unknown place when Static and BB arrived. She couldn't what happen. until she looks at her like her adult self, She was fear became evil.But,She got a her own abilities, light powers. but she is different timeline. but she was change and became a good side.




Love Interset


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