King Harkinian






King of Hyrule


Dinner Blaster,Dinner blaster 2,Triforce of Courage


Queen Harkinian (Wife,deceased ), Zelda Harkinian (Daughter),Link (Boi/Son-in-law)


I.M. Meen(Friend or Foe),Gwonam (Frenemy),Morshu (Friend),more...

First Appearance

Zelda CD-I


SMPKF - Sing Like The King

King Harkinian (The King for short) is the main character of Youtube-Poop. He that made his Debut in the 2 Legend of Zelda games for the CD-I. Whether he is good or bad is unknown, but his love of dinner is is unquestionable as shown in Poops and the games.


The King do nothing!

Harkinian also appears in the video games Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon. Although not having much of a role in The Faces of Evil, he plays a bigger role in The Wand of Gamelon when he leaves Hyrule to help his cousin, Duke Onkled, whose lands of Gamelon are being attacked by the evil forces of Ganon. After a month of absence, Princess Zelda, Harkinian's daughter, decides to go to Gamelon to find her father. It is later revealed that Onkled betrayed his cousin, had him imprisoned, and sided with Ganon in exchange of power. Link was sealed into a mirror by Ganon with the use of magic. Zelda then manages to free both her father and Link, and Onkled is made to "scrub all the floors in Hyrule".

These games are often used to create "YouTube Poop" remix videos, and Harkinian is often used as a character in them. Most of his dialogue has become an internet meme, with such phrases as "Dinner," "My boy" (often phoneticized as "Mah boi"), and "Scrub all the floors in Hyrule" being especially popular.


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