Kate Ashley

Kate Ashley
is the Protagonist of Red Garden.

Name:Kate Ashley
Gender: Female
Occupation(s): Student,Bounty hunter,Grace member
Abilities: Dead girl
Relatives: Emma Ashley (older sister),Ikki (Lover/Future Husband),Liz Minami (Future Daughter)
Allies: Claire,Rachel,Rose,Lula,Sam (BFF),more...
First Appearance: Farewell, Girls (Red Garden)
Theme:OneRepublic - Secrets


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Kate Ashley

From an affluent family, Kate struggles to maintain her position as a member of "Grace", an elite group of girls tasked with enforcing rules and policing the student body. Of the four girls she had been the closest to Lise, and is the one who suffered most because of her friend's death. She starts to date Hervé, who is a friend of her sister's boyfriend, oblivious to his true intentions until he tells her in episode 16 that he is actually a part of the Delor Clan and their enemy. Kate is extremely serious, and viewed as 'boring' by most people, something she admits. She cares deeply about her friends, and despises Herve because of what he had done to her, Lise, and Emma. She is the first to develop her abilities in the group I

Kate in Alternate future Reality

n Alternate Realty (future) in the OVA, she is much quieter, but still her usual self; due to her memories being erased, she has no recollection of Lise or Herve, and thus, she does not make the comparison in their reincarnations appearances. She creates the theme song for the 'Dead Girls' group.

In Crows and Butterflies, She secretly speaks Japanese and hate been Rape.


Alternate Reality version

  • FRF Power Rangers AniCards (as Sarah Bash)
  • Kingdom Hearts Aftermath (as unnamed)
  • Babes vs Zombies:reanimed (as Jennifer)
  • Strip 2 Dead (as Candy) (Playable Character)
  • Zombie Revolution (as Bonnie Freshton)
  • Zombie Revolution: blood Hound (as Kurt Ashton (Male Version))
  • Yusuke 10 (as Ashley Katson )


Love InterestsEdit


  • Rose Sheedy - Kate's Best friend
  • Claire Forrest - Kate's Best friend
  • Rachel Benning - Kate's Best friend
  • Puala Sinchair - a Lesbian Relationship/her Grace leader