Kappa Mikey: Extreme Seasons
KMEX tite 2
Kappa Mikey: Extreme Seasons Title


Black Comedy

Created by

Larry Schwarz

Directed by


Voices of

Michael Sinterniklaas
Nolan Gerard Funk
Carrie Keranen (credited as Evelyn Lanto)
Kether Donahue (credited as Annice Moriarty)
Demi Lovato
Annice Moriarty
Gary Mack
Sean Schemmel
Stephen Moverly
Joanna Noëlle Blagden Levesque
Orlando brown
Ashlee Simpson
Jesse Adams

Opening theme

Madina Lake - One Last Kiss
(Season 1-4)
Crossfade - So Far away
(Season 5-7)

No. of seasons


No. of episodes


Original channel

Nicktoons (Formerly)
FRF channel
AtomicRanger97 Network (Toonami) [2012-2013]
AM-Atomix (Chromix) [2016-present]

Original run

August 1,2009 - April 2, 2011

Kappa Mikey: Extreme Seasons is the sequel series to Kappa Mikey created by Larry Schwarz and Agito90. It is a mature oriented followup to Kappa Mikey including new characters.


They were worked on Lilymu about 2 years. Ozu talks to Mikey and his friends are deside a new add lilymu villian and Ozu decide to call "Extreme Lilymu". A stange young man Kenji Otawaka known as "Ken-J". until they new journey Arrived.

My Own Fan FictionEdit

My ideas was in 2009.but, my own kappa Mikey like every series and Style from Anime like Bleach,Air gear,Naruto,Samurai Champloo and many anime I like.From Anime/cartoon at USA like Samurai Jack,Afro Samurai,The Boondocks and Megas XLR. In music has Rock,Hip hop,Electronic,Alternative,J-rock,J-Pop and Indie.My Genre was Action, Comedy/sitcom,Music and adventure. it would be Good/Bad English language and Fighting style like the boondocks from adult swim.


Main CharactersEdit

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The gang discovers unused musical instruments in the soundbooth and decides to form the LilyMu band! The catch: they are all terrible at it. While they are practicing at Mikey's apartment, Ozu, from the hallway, mistakes the ringtone on Mikey's cell phone for the real thing (them playing the instruments). Immediately seeing the money rolling in, Ozu spends millions on ads for a very special LilyMu musical episode! The band must keep their cover by pretending to play, in sync with Mikey's ringtones. When they become bigger than ever, things get complicated when a rival musical group named Ori and Yori accuse them of being phonies, leading Mikey to foolishly challenge them to a showdown.

In Extreme Seasons, Ken-J was Teached them to play instruments as 21st century style. It Secrectly, Lily was playing lead.Guitar since she was in middle school. She teach Mikey how to play Guitar. until the band as success.