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Harvey Birdman

Harvey is a defense attorney, and his clients are generally classic Hanna-Barbera characters given new roles (Fred Flintstone appears, for example, as a mafia don, and Boo-Boo Bear is accused in one episode of being a mad bomber). Many of Birdman's former associates and enemies appear on the show in supporting roles (the character Reducto, now given the first name Myron, regularly appears as a prosecuting attorney, and Mentok The Mind-Taker judges cases from late Season One onward). Instead of being a clever superhero, this version of Birdman is portrayed as a semi-competent, bungling lawyer, although among the show's increasingly outlandish cast of characters, he is often the straight man.

Name: Harvey Birdman
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Occupation(s): Superhero (retired),Lawyer (Current)
Abilities: the sun (make him strong),Lazer light,sheild
Relatives: Gigi (Wife)
Allies: Phil Ken Sebben,Peanut,Avenger,Peter Potamus, Judy Ken Sebben,more...
First Appearance:Birdman and the Galaxy Trio
Theme:Raphael Saadiq - 100 Yard Dash


He starred in the Hanna-Barbera show Birdman and the Galaxy Trio in the 1960s (his alter ego from that show, Ray Randall, is not mentioned, though it can be found hidden in the opening credits). He gets strength and power from sunlight, and grows weak if kept away from the sun for too long. His superpowers include flight (though he would often forget about it), the ability to create a shield of solid light, and the ability to shoot destructive energy beams from his fists. These powers are thought to stem from the crest on his helmet, though Harvey is not entirely sure of the crest's true role in his powers. He has since retired from his superhero job and is now working for the law firm of Sebben & Sebben. Harvey is 6'6", and has large wings growing out of his back, genetically inherited from his father. His clients consist of other Hanna-Barbera characters of the past and present.


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