Generator Rex: Team Up
Season 1, Episode 1
GR X K-on
Air date 2011
Written by Agito90
Directed by Agito90
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Generator Rex & K-on!! is the First episode of Generator Rex: Team Up and the first episode of the First season


In this Special Episodes, Rex mission is to undercover as a student to find out one of EVO who attacks. but, White knight send him to Sakuragaoka High School. but Rex don't like it because that Sakuragaoka High school for girls. he order him right now. So he decide to go to girl school. Rex doesn't want wear girl uniform. So he wears a boy uniforms. Next Morning, Rex go to first day of school with his mintor,Agent Six. After Agt.Six left, Rex is the only guy in this school.

Meanwhile, Yui and her friends told about the new student. "a New guy on our School" said Mio. She started a Pinic shy attacked.


Main Characters

Side Characters



Before ending of K-on!