Red Garden 61


Claire Forrest is Tuff girl and ack like Tomboy. She is the major character from Red Garden.

Name: Claire Forrest
Gender: Female
Occupation(s): Student,Bounty hunter
Abilities: Dead girl
Relatives: Unknowm Father,Randy Forest (brother)
Allies: Kate,Rachel,Rose,Lula,AVGN (crush),Nostalgia critic,more...
First Appearance: Farewell, Girls (Red Garden)
Theme: Coldplay - Clocks


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Clarie in Alternate future Reality

The most independent and aggressive of the girls. She lives alone in a run-down apartment and holds part-time jobs to make ends meet. She does this despite the fact that her family is wealthy because of her strained relationship with her father, because he threw her mother out on the streets, although why is never explained. She also cares deeply about her brother Randy, and when his business fails, she is deeply angered at her father for not being there to help him, (even though it was later explained that he was in Europe trying to find out who had betrayed Randy.) Her race is very unclear, because both she and her brother have darker skin tones, while her father does not; it can be drawn that she is potentially bi-racial, as she has had that color since her youth. She is quick to react in battle, even bringing a baseball bat to the fights.

In Alternate Realty (future) in the OVA, she becomes much like Rachel, being extremely fashionable and manipulative with men.



  • Rachel Benning - Claire's Best Friend
  • Kate Ashley - Claire's Best Friend
  • Rose Sheedy - Claire's Best Friend
  • Vince Offer - a Stupid Friend
  • AVGN - former crush
  • Dinobot - Boyfriend (Later Ex)
  • Frollo - Friend/Teacher
  • Gaston - Friend